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Domain Names

Domain Names Available at Inspiratech

We offer the following extensions for name registration online:

  • .com "Commercial"
  • .net "Network"
  • .org "Organisation"
  • .info "Information"
  • .biz "Business"
  • .mobi "Mobile 'phone" - Web browsing conformance mandatory
  • "UK commercial"
  • "UK network" - (Restricted Registration)
  • "UK organisation"
  • "UK private limited company" - (Restricted Registration)
  • "UK public limited company" - (Restricted Registration)
  • "UK government" - (Restricted Registration)
  • "UK academic" - (Restricted Registration)
  • "Alternative UK commercial"
  • "Alternative UK network"
  • "Alternative UK commercial"
  • "Alternative UK network"
  • "European commercial"
  • "Germany commercial"
  • "Hungary commercial"
  • "Norway commercial"
  • "Russia commercial"
  • "Sweden commercial"
  • "Sweden network"

We can register other extensions. Please enquire.

Our registration fees are for periods of two years, except for .com, .net and .org which are for 1 year. Please read the terms and conditions before purchasing.

The domain name will be registered in your name.

Choice of domain names

You can make up any name you wish containing no more than 63 letters, numbers or dashes "-" but the first character must not be a dash.

For example:

  • is acceptable because the name, inspiratech, contains only letters
  • is acceptable because the name, inspira-tech, contains only letters and a dash
  • www.inspira& is unacceptable because the name, inspira&tech, contains an ampersand "&"

Before registering a domain name you need to check that the name with extension is not already registered. This site allows you to check registrations either for a single name and extension or "Globally" for several different extensions together, before making a purchase.

Our Domain Name Wizard will help you to find interesting names which are not already registered.

When hosted on our servers, you will be able to access the domain with or without the "www" in front of the domain name. For example, this site can be accessed by or just

Domain name parking

We can park "store" your demain name at no cost until you are ready to use it. We can also provide a holding page with a brief message or we can forward it to free webspace provided by your Internet Service Provider. Please contact us at the time of purchase for these options.